Senin, 22 Desember 2008

Incredible Sushi Art

Incredible Sushi Art

Our Amazing Food Art post was very popular and received a lot of great feedback. Therefore, we decided to write another post showcasing food art. This time, we are featuring Incredible Sushi Art:

Japanese Sushi Sunflowers

Japanese sushi chef and show off, Ken Kawasumi, opted to recreate Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with sushi. [tokyotimes]

Japanese Sushi Sunflowers

Japanese Sushi Sunflowers 2

Sushi Art Collection

I Love Sushi ! You Love Sushi ! We love Sushi !!! [flickr]

Sushi Art Collection

Sushi Art Collection 2

Sushi Art Collection 3

More Sushi Art

Sushi Art

Sushi Art 3

Sushi Art 4

Sushi Art 5

Sushi Art 6

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